Pixel City Skater for iPhone

  • Our first mobile game Pixel City Skater is now out for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch / iPad)!

    “Grab your skateboard and enter Pixel City. Skate through the dangerous city streets where a single mistake results in instant death!”. The game is a simple one-button-game where you control a skateboarding pixelstyle character through 59 stages.

    Pixel City Skater

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    The game was made using Flash Builder and Air 2.6 in two days. Including everything (design,levels,code,sfx) except the music, where we used a previously released track by Boy vs Bacteria. We used the awesome Flixel framework, and we didn’t do any optimizations to get it to run well on iOS. (Which is pretty crazy compared to how the old packager for iphone in CS5 used to run). The Flixel framework has blitting and object pooling built in making it really good for mobile game development. We will also be releasing a web version of the game soon!

    May 17th, 2011 | Chribbe | 3 Comments |

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  • David Niño 05.17.2011

    Hey.. nice work dudes. These kind of ideas are great ways to create a game, 2 days, working all day, and a simple game functionality.

    I found a bug, when i jump at the final of the level 31, my skater hits the roof and dies, but, he pass to the next level.. and my skater appears dying again and again..

    Well, see ya

  • sorry, its between level 32 and 33

  • David: Yes, unfortunately we did some last minute changes to some levels and accidently left that bug in! We’ve sent an update to app store that fixes it, hopefully it will be approved soon!

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