Intruded is out!

  • Yes! The wait is finally over. We are very proud to present our latest game called Intruded.

    Play the game HERE!

    You can also play the game on Newgrounds (english) or Minijuegos (spanish).

    You control a mysterious character through a hostile environment full of deadly traps while security cameras are watching your every step.

    Here’s a video preview:

    June 17th, 2011 | Richard | 12 Comments |

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  • HybridMind 06.17.2011

    Really enjoyed playing through this game. It has an amazing look and feel to it! Was this your own 3d engine or did you use something like Away3d, Flare, or Papervision? Love the strange camera angles, cinematic feel, and video static/wavering effects on the view screen. Great job!

  • Thanks, we are glad you liked it! We used Flare3D for this game. The 3D Studio Max plugin included with Flare gave us a really good workflow.

  • Very cool, well done!

  • hope a Stage3D version is in the works

  • This game had good graphic for a flash game but the 3D was a bit glitchy. The Flash Version of Quake had beast graphics compared to that Flare 3D game you made but these graphic were fine. You should use the Flash Quake engine instead, it doesn’t have any glitches that I’m aware of.

  • CAM-20… You got to be kiddin’
    But like the way you’ve made a camera the Boss as in many console games )
    “Stereoscopic” and noise are good also.

  • I like the game very much. Glitches are noticable, but graphics, music and overall game’s atmosphere are great. Not introducing any story was correct decision i think. In normal mode it was more watching than playing, which is cool since following path through mysterious chambers seen from all the cameras was good to watch. Ghost mode is nice mix up, and not really that difficult. At the outro of ghost mode i thought that Eyes will follow through after mysterious woman into the room with computer. Replaying of normal mode outro there was the only moment where the game disappointed me.

  • Not to be mean but in my real opinion i don’t really like that game that much.But really some people just don’t like a game and that’s what im just saying in my opinion.they should come out with a really fun upgrade game or adventure game cause i like those kind of games in my opinion.

  • not to be mean but you kind of gave the game away to the people that haven’t played it yet.

  • i like adventure games or upgrade games. :D

  • wait,this is the game i like not that i don’t like.sorry.

  • [...] Intruded is a 3D exploration game about guiding a character from one end of a room to another, using only the WASD keys for moving and turning around. Your view of the protagonist is restricted to what you can see from a set of security cameras placed around the level, similar to the fixed camera angles used in early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. [...]

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