Swing your way to the finish line but try not to lose any bodyparts! Hanger World is a ragdoll swinging game where Spider-Man meets Happy Wheels!

Control your ragdoll through hazardous levels filled with razor sharp blades, lethal lasers, hungry monsters and all sorts of limb cutting obstacles! The question is: Can you make it to the finish line without losing too many body parts?

Hanger World is the latest game in the very popular Hanger series that has over 150 million plays both online and on mobile!


- Awesome ragdoll physics and smooth controls!
- Just look at those physics!
- 54 colorful hand-crafted Hanger killing levels!
- Unlock cool rewards for your Hanger!
- Mysterious Ninja Character!
- Powered by state of the art Ragdoll Limb Cutting Technology™!
- Speedrun Mode with Game Center Leaderboards!
- Music by Boy vs Bacteria!


"Just look at those physics!" - Vsauce3

"A really, really fun game." 4.5 / 5 Stars - Touch Arcade

"Ridiculous and we love it." - PocketGamer

"It's really fun! I like it!" - Lonnie

"Hanger World delivers an enjoyable action packed challenge that is worth picking up to get into the swing of things." - AppleNApps.com