Hanger 2.0

We're very happy to announce the biggest update to Hanger this far! Make sure to go and update the game on your phone ASAP to see the updated graphic and a lot of new features! See the announcement trailer down below if you haven't seen it yet!

Hanger 2.0 include;

- New HD Graphics!
- Remade levels!
- Buzzsaws, propellers, lasers, spikes and other crazy obstacles!
- Replay Kit integration - Share your replays (iOS)!
- Settings - Turn Music, SoundFX and Blood on/off!
- Bug Fixes & Tweaks!

So go and try it out and tell your family and friends to play it too!

Players levels in Hanger World: Part 5

Hello Hanger World-fans!

We love seeing your creations so make sure to tweet them so we can find your levels and play them! It is seriously one of the best parts of working with game development.

DIED  by Tirbo


by Tirbo



by yousuf

DEATH  by Me


by Me

We love hearing form you, what do you like about Hanger World? What would you like to change or add? We are really curious and we would love to get some feedback now while we are working on Hanger World from Steam! Tweet your thoughts at us @ASmallGame or send a email to hello@asmallgame.com with your thoughts about Hanger World!

More YouTube videos!

Hello everyone!

It have been a while since we shared some of our favourite videos from YouTube with you all. If you want us too see your video - make sure to tweet it to us @ASmallGame!

First out we have Mr_Ashtino and his video where he both play level 3-8 and some of you players levels! Great video and a really funny guy!


Secondly we have Sans Gaster and this video where he tries his hardest to get three coins on every level!


Lastly we have TheMattyLShow! The video is pretty long but it is really worth watching it, Matty is young and very fun!

Thank you all for playing our game and taking your time to make videos of it, we love seeing it! Sadly we can't share every video here but check out our YouTube channel for some more videos we have liked and added to our playlists!

Players levels in Hanger World: Part 3

You players never stop impressing us with your creative, fun and amazing levels! So here are some of our favourites that we couldn't help but share with the rest! Click on the pictures to get to the levels if you want to see the whole thing or play it, let us know in the comments which one was your personal favourite level!

PRO LEVEL  by charlie


by charlie




THE TORTURE  by maxence


by maxence


We hope this could inspire you to make more levels for us! If you have made one that you really want us to see then tweet it at us @ASmallGame!

Players levels in Hanger World: Part 2

We love playing your levels and seeing how creative you could be and there is no limit at all apparently! This time I wanted to focus on some of the scariest levels ever created that I wante to share with you all!

MONSTERS WORLD!       by Cayden!


     by Cayden!

IN HELLFIRE       by Syed brothers


     by Syed brothers

THE DEMON       by Moly studs


     by Moly studs



     by Jepy

MONSTERS       by Ben


     by Ben

Hopefully this inspired some of you, I hope you all will continue making great levels! If you want us to see it, make sure to share it on Twitter and tweet it at us!

Players levels in Hanger World: Part 1

In Hanger World we see a lot of creativity within our players, using limited items they create unique and storytelling levels. It's always fun to see what you all have created and we want to share some of the most creative, fun and difficult levels with you! It might inspire you all to make your own levels!

👹WELCOME TO HELL!!!👹  by bloodkunin


by bloodkunin



by No name

FREEZOW  by Lil derian


by Lil derian


Remember that the only limit when you make levels are your own fantasy and creativity!

Hanger World on YouTube!

It's always fun to see you players play Hanger World and making your own levels and trying out all new features we have! Since we enjoy your videos this much we have decided to share some of our favourites with the rest of you.

Matt is showing off his skills at the second world in Hanger World!


This 10 year old let's player really likes Hanger World! Skip to 3:30 if you want to see him making his own level.


Here is someone that are playing other players levels!

If you have made your own let's play of Hanger World or any other of our game, please tweet it to us at A Small Game!

The history of Hanger

Hello there! 

It's time for a small history lesson and this time we're taking a look at the Hanger game series :) So, let's get to it!

HANGER (Flash) 

First up we have the original Hanger game that was made in 2010 and was released as a flash game. It's interesting to see how similar the game is compared to Hanger World. This is where all the Hanger games came from :) The basic concept and gameplay mechanics has stayed pretty much the same, just tweaked and improved. The players seemed to love it and Hanger was a huge success by flash game standards with million and millions of plays!

HANGER 2 (Flash) 

Here's the sequel. Hanger 2 features improved graphics with parallax scrolling layers and other nice effects. The levels used different graphical themes for more variation.

HANGER 2: Endless Levelpack (Flash) 

The players apparently couldn't get enough of Hanger so we made another one called Hanger 2: Endless Levelpack that featured even more levels and a new endless mode!

HANGER (iOS, Android, Amazon) 

In 2012 we decided to make a mobile version of Hanger, not knowing at all what to expect. Would the mobile players get it as well? Luckily for us we were featured by Apple as a "New & Noteworthy" game and Hanger sailed up the charts landing in the top ten of all games! After some time the sales started declining and things had changed really quickly on the App Store! So we decided to make the game free. That turned out to be the best thing we could do as the game once again skyrocketed up the charts! At one point we were even in front of Candy Crush! Achievement unlocked! :)


HANGER WORLD (iOS, Android) 

In 2015 we released Hanger World. This time we wanted to add different obstacles in the levels to make them more interesting. We also aimed for a much more colorful and minimalistic design. After releasing two levelpacks we released the biggest update to any Hanger game to date: the Level Editor. It had been a frequently requested feature by the players throughout the years and the feedback was very positive. Now over 30 000 levels have been created by the players, and we add some of them to the "Player Levels" section in the game everyday! 

Keep on swinging!

Hanger World gets Level Editor!

Hello folks!

We're very excited to tell you that the latest update of Hanger World adds  a  Level Editor! 

The editor comes complete with everything you need to create the greatest Hanger level the world has ever seen! And we've even added some new stuff that's only available in the editor!

So put on your level creator pants, drink some really strong coffee, start making your dream level and show us how it's supposed to be done!

The levels are very easily shared to your friends via mail, browser, twitter and more. All you need is the link! We at a Small Game will feature user created levels in the game that we think are great, so show us what you've got!

Thank for playing and creating! 

Hanger World out July 29

Hanger World is done! We managed to finish it before the summer. And it will be out on July 29 for iOS. (Google play will follow  a while after).  Watch the release trailer and some more info below. Feel free to contact us if you want a promo-code to review the game before the release!

After more than 100 million plays - the popular Hanger game series is back with Hanger World for iOS! Hanger World is a Physics-Based swinging game were you try to get your ragdoll to the finish line through dangerous levels filled with razor sharp blades, lethal lasers, hungry monsters and all sorts of limb cutting obstacles! The question is: Can you make it to the finish line without losing too many body parts?


•  54 colorful hand-crafted levels
•  Speedrun Mode with Game Center Leaderboards
•  Unlock cool rewards for your Hanger
•  Mysterious Ninja Character
•  Powered by state of the art Ragdoll Limb Cutting Technonology™
•  Awesome ragdoll physics
•  Music by Boy vs Bacteria

Minimum Requirements:

•  Optimized for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later
•  Requires iOS 7.0 or later
•  21.7 MB

More info and presskit: http://www.asmallgame.com/hanger-world


What's happening?

We've been hard at work the last weeks (months even) on our next game, Hanger World! It's been really fun to work on, and it looks like this:

and this...

and you also get to do this....

We're doing a closed beta right now for iOS. So if you want to help us out and play the game before it's release you can add your email here:  HANGER WORLD BETA SIGN UP .  All you need is an iOS device with iOS8+. The final game will be released for iOS and Android this summer.

Also besides Hanger. Here's something else that's going on.