Swing around like a stickman Spider-Man BUT DON'T LOSE YOUR BODY PARTS!

• SWING your ragdoll through dangerous levels filled with Razor Sharp Spikes, Buzz Saws, Lethal Lasers and Hungry Monsters!

• CREATE your own levels and share them with your friends! We also update the app with new awesome levels created by the players!

• More than 100 Hanger killing levels!
• More than 250 levels made by the players - new ones are added daily!
• Level Editor! Create and Share your levels with others!
• Speedrun Mode with Game Center Leaderboards!
• Awesome ragdoll swinging action with crazy physics!
• Unlock cool rewards for your Hanger!
• Mysterious Ninja Character!
• Powered by state of the art Ragdoll Limb Cutting Technology™!
• Swing around like a Stickman Ragdoll Spider Man!
• Music by Boy vs Bacteria!

Even the critics love the game!

"Just look at those physics!" • Vsauce.com

"A really, really fun game." 4.5 / 5 Stars • TouchArcade.com

"Ridiculous and we love it." • PocketGamer.co.uk

"It's really fun! I like it!" • LonnieDos

"Hanger World delivers an enjoyable action packed challenge that is worth picking up to get into the swing of things." • AppleNApps.com