From the team that brought you the hit game Hanger, in collaboration with the legendary singer songwriter Johhny Crosshair! It's time to sit down in an office chair and start shooting zombie heads! Just remember: Playing this game in public will make you look like a crazy person! The full game will be free with a premium version available as an in app purchase.

Tip: The game is best played in an actual office chair.

••• FEATURES •••

• Killer soundtrack by Johnny Crosshair
• Unique 3D-arcade-action-gyroscope-shooter
• Zombies in different colors and sizes
• Other undead creatures of the night
• Game Center Leaderboard & Achievements
• Different weapons for your personal safety
• Playing this game will keep you fit and healthy
• Playing this game in public will make you look like a crazy person


In late 2012 the team from A Small Game found an old song by the now legendary Johnny Crosshair. It was called Office Chair Zombie Attack.

"When we first heard the song, we thought to ourselves: Hey we should make a game about this!" - Richard

"It was perfect, we started making the game immediately." - Christian

After working on the game for almost a year they finally got in contact with Johnny and sent him a demo version, asking if he would be willing to collaborate on the game. The reply came the next day:

"I remember writing that song, it's actually based on a true story. Great game by the way, I'm in!" - Johnny

Finally after two years in production - A Small Game, in collaboration with Johhny Crosshair, are proud to announce that Office Chair Zombie Attack will be released on the App Store on December 25. It will be available as an universal app for iPhone and iPad. Price is free with a premium version available as an in app purchase (Hey! you get a golden shotgun).

Waking up in your office chair.
You're the last survivor of the Zombie outbreak.
Just take a deep breath and pick up your shotgun.
Here's a little song to help you on your way:

"Sitting by my office desk nothing special on my mind.
But what's that in the corner of my eye creeping up from behind?
Sitting in an office chair.
Shooting zombies everywhere.
Shooting all these zombies.
All these zombies and spiders.
All around me everywhere I look somebody's staring back.
I have a spin in my office chair and get ready to attack."

- Johnny Crosshair